SelenoMax, selenium yeast, is a source of the essential trace mineral selenium that has clinically substantiated benefits that include:

  • Helps protect cells and tissues from free-radical damage
  • Supports immune function
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart
  • Promotes prostate health

SelenoMax is a premium grade, high selenium yeast shown to be effective in rigorous clinical trials. The yeast is grown in a selenium-enriched medium and absorbs the selenium to form a natural, organic form for the human body, L-selenomethionine. L-selenomethionine is a highly bioavailable form of selenium and therefore, one of the most useful forms of selenium for nutritional use. Inorganic selenium supplements are less bioavailable. About 90% of selenomethionine and 50% of selenite, the inorganic form of selenium, are absorbed in the body.

The SelenoMax brand is your guarantee of a highly consistent, high-quality and bioavailable selenium yeast. Genuine high selenium yeast has been shown to be effective in raising blood selenium concentrations. In comparison, the inorganic selenium salts, sodium selenite, and proteinated or chelated forms of selenium, do not contain selenium in the form naturally occurring in foods and therefore, the body cannot completely use these forms to fulfill all the physiological roles of selenium. Nutrition 21 has been at the forefront of applied nutrition and research. Nutrition 21 pioneered the development of high selenium yeast in the 1970s and established the quality standards for high selenium yeast and L-selenomethionine as nutritional supplements. Nutrition 21 SelenoMax high selenium yeast is indistinguishable from brewer’s yeast in appearance and taste. SelenoMax high selenium yeast is available in 1,200 mcg Se/g. 2,000 mcg Se/g is available upon request.