Not All Chromium is the Same®

Chromax, chromium picolinate, is supported by over 35 human clinical studies, GRAS affirmed at clinically substantiated doses and has 35 non-rejected DSHEA claims. Nutrition 21 supplies Chromax to leading manufacturers marketing effective products designed to promote and to help support consumer’s dietary and nutritional needs in:

  • Glucose metabolism and insulin resistance
  • Appetite control and weight management
  • Supports Heart and Lipid Health
  • Energy support
  • Brain health

Chromax is a perfect nutrient to formulate into products positioned to address many of the health and lifestyle needs that are of increasing concern to the population. These unmet needs include: cognitive function, weight management, food cravings, mood, and support for healthy glucose metabolism.

Chromax is clinically substantiated for both efficacy and safety, which provides our customers with marketable claims and numerous health benefits for consumers.

Chromax is different from other forms of chromium because of its stable chemical structure and superior absorption. Furthermore, Chromax has been affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food and beverage products and is easy to use in formulations. Chromax is Prop 65 compliant through an independent verification. Chromax is available for use within the United States, European Union, Canada, and numerous other markets.

Chromax is protected by a number of patents and pending patent applications on compositions,combinations with other materials, and/or their uses, including but not limited to: U.S. Patent Nos.: 5,789,401; RE39,480; 5,914,326; 5,948,772; 6,093,711; 6,136,317; 6,143,301; 6,251,889; 6,432,942; 6,471,998; 6,689,383; 6,713,469; 6,809,115; 8,062,677; 8,933,022; 9,005,637; 9,028,879; 9,119,835; 9,421,170; 9,597,404; 9,675,702.