Velositol, a revolutionary ingredient that doubles the power of protein* – increasing muscle protein synthesis, a key to muscle growth. Velositol is a patent protected amylopectin chromium complex that is clinically shown to work in a single dose. Unleash the power of protein in your workout product!

The ingestion of a single dose of Velositol mixed with a dose of whey protein doubled the increase in muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone.* The primary benefit of protein is in its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which affects the body’s ability to build lean muscle and repair muscle damage due to exercise. Velositol was formulated to enhance insulinogenic response, which increases amino uptake and provides fuel for working muscles.

*Velositol was studied in a randomized, double-blind, single-dose, active-controlled crossover study in which participants were given a single dose of Velositol with 6 grams of protein or 6 grams of protein alone, and completed eight sets of leg extensions up to 80 percent of their estimated maximum. Study visits and muscle biopsies were done to measure MPS over an eight hour time period. MPS was measured by calculating the fractional synthesis rate (FSR).

Velositol is protected by a number of patents and pending patent applications on compositions,combinations with other materials, and/or their uses, including but not limited to: U.S. Patent Nos.: 5,789,401; RE39,480; 5,914,326; 5,948,772; 6,093,711; 6,136,317; 6,143,301; 6,251,889; 6,432,942; 6,471,998; 6,689,383; 6,713,469; 6,809,115; 8,062,677; 8,933,022; 9,005,637; 9,028,879; 9,119,835; 9,421,170; 9,597,404; 9,675,702.