Father-Son Investment Group with Proven Record of Success Relaunches Nutritional Supplement Company

Purchase, NY, June 27, 2012 – Nutrition 21, a leader in the nutritional supplement industry, today announced the official relaunch of the company. The relaunch, featuring the introduction of a new management team and a redesigned, interactive website that showcases Nutrition 21’s quality, functional ingredients, will reintroduce the company to the industry.

“Nutrition 21 has spent the last 30 years building a reputation for advancing high quality science and ground-breaking technology,” said Phillip Satow, Chairman of Nutrition 21. “With the relaunch of the company, we will bring Nutrition 21’s extensive offerings to the forefront of the ingredient industry and expand our line of products over the course of the next year.”

Phillip and Michael Satow, a father-son investment team with more than 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, acquired Nutrition 21 in November 2011. With the relaunch, the Satows will combine their healthcare business acumen with Nutrition 21’s rich scientific heritage that boasts more than 70 patents and 75 research studies to advance the company’s commercial success.

“Increasing awareness of the science behind Nutrition 21’s safe and effective ingredients such as Chromax will allow us to expand our customer base,” said Michael Satow, President and CEO of Nutrition 21. “Initially, we are concentrating our efforts on the areas of digestive health, weight management and brain health.”

With a long standing commitment to serving its customers’ needs, Nutrition 21’s focus in the year ahead will be on monitoring corporate responsiveness and improving communication channels. In addition, Nutrition 21 has a number of research and development initiatives currently underway to bring new and innovative products to market.

The new website will highlight Nutrition 21’s growing suite of products that address a range of health conditions and support overall health and wellness. With interactive, drop-down menu tabs and a highly functional, easy-to-use interface, users can browse and explore in-depth information about the health benefits of Nutrition 21’s high quality ingredients and the science behind the company’s products.

About Nutrition 21

Nutrition 21 is a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. Our experienced team is committed to advancing high-quality science and ground-breaking technology in order to develop safe and effective functional ingredients that support the health and quality of life of people everywhere. With many years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience, we have the scientific platform and processes in place to create unique, patentable products that are safe and clinically effective. Rigorous preclinical and clinical trials are a key part of our product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. This attention to detail has resulted in endorsements from healthcare professionals and has led to the adoption of our products as standard therapies by many members of the medical community.

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