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Start Sharp, Stay Sharp, and Win Big with nooLVL®

In the world of esports, players have begun turning to dietary supplements to level up their performance that will keep them energized, alert, and zoned in for hours of competitive play. To keep up with a surge in the demand for such supplements,…

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A Year in Review: The Rise of nooLVL® — Nutrition21’s Patented Ingredient for esports

nooLVL is a patented, non-stimulant ingredient that has been studied in a population of esports gamers and has been clinically shown to boost cognitive performance. What sets nooLVL apart in the esports supplements industry? It works fast (in 15…

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Study Results Reveal Effects of Velositol® on Strength, Power & Endurance

To determine the role of Velositol on strength, endurance, and power, Nutrition21 conducted a new study that produced significant benefits for sports nutrition consumers.   The eight-week study observed men, ages 35-55, who followed a resistance…

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