Start Sharp, Stay Sharp, and Win Big with nooLVL®

In the world of esports, players have begun turning to dietary supplements to level up their performance that will keep them energized, alert, and zoned in for hours of competitive play.

To keep up with a surge in the demand for such supplements, brands have started the search for effective ingredients they can formulate into their products. Among those ingredients is nooLVL® — a patented nootropic complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate and an additional optimized dose of Inositol.

With numerous clinical studies supporting its effectiveness, nooLVL has been shown to help gamers stay sharp and focused even after hours of play.

What is nooLVL?

nooLVL, developed by Nutrition21, is a non-stimulant source of energy1 that contains Bonded Arginine Silicate which increases nitric oxide production and blood flow, allowing for a safe and enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to sensitive tissues. It is the first esports nootropic ingredient to be clinically studied in a population of gamers. Nootropics have been shown to enhance cognitive function, memory, alertness, focus, and productivity.

With multiple substantiated benefits for gamers, nooLVL can be found in various esports supplements, including GHOST® Gamer, Advanced® Focus, and XP Sports™ Boost.

How effective is nooLVL?

To show the effectiveness of nooLVL, Nutrition21 has conducted multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in healthy men and women who spent five or more hours per week playing video games.  In addition, Nutrition21 has conducted multiple studies to show the effectiveness of the Bonded Arginine Silicate in nooLVL.

Here is what the results have to say:

1.) Start SharpMental acuity and focus

When it comes to gaming, players want to make sure that they finish as strong as they start out. To determine if nooLVL could enhance mental acuity and focus, the study first used a Trail Making Test.

The Trail Making Test measures how attentive the subjects are, as well as their ability to switch tasks. For the study, two Trail Making Tests were conducted with increasing complexity and the results were analyzed to determine how long it took subjects to complete a task and their cognitive flexibility scores.

After conducting the tests, the results revealed that:

a.) The Bonded Arginine Silicate in nooLVL showed a 33% improvement in completion time 15 minutes after receiving the first dose.

b.) Subjects demonstrated a higher cognitive flexibility after one dose of Bonded Arginine Silicate.

These results show that nooLVL significantly increases cognitive function specifically in relation to mental acuity, focus, and cognitive flexibility.

2.) Stay SharpAttention and reaction time

It’s been shown that “professional FPS (frames per second) players clock reaction times between 100-250 milliseconds.” But after gaming for hours, it’s no surprise players might want a jolt of energy to maintain their attention and reaction time.

To address this need, Nutrition21 studied nooLVL’s cognitive performance benefits, specifically attention and reaction times. The results showed that:

    • nooLVL significantly improves attention and reaction time in gamers even after 60 minutes of gaming.

This result shows that nooLVL can not only enhance focus and cognitive abilities in esports athletes, but it can also make them more consistent throughout the duration of the game.

3.) Win Big Accuracy

One of the most sought-after benefits for any gamer is accuracy. It’s a skill that is based on precision and reliability, both of which can increase (or decrease) the likelihood of winning.

nooLVL was tested for accuracy by observing changes in error reduction. The results found that nooLVL resulted in 66% less errors, significantly improving accuracy.

By pairing accuracy with enhanced reaction times, energy1 levels, mental acuity, and focus, nooLVL presents an ideal blend of benefits for gamers to get an edge up on their competition.

Overall, multiple clinical studies show how nooLVL can enhance the performance of esports gamers in terms of focus, reaction time, and accuracy. If you’re looking for a way to improve your game, find out where to buy your favorite esports formulas that feature nooLVL and get ready to game on!

1Perceived energy measured by the validated Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire