A Year in Review: The Rise of nooLVL® — Nutrition21’s Patented Ingredient for esports

nooLVL is a patented, non-stimulant ingredient that has been studied in a population of esports gamers and has been clinically shown to boost cognitive performance.

What sets nooLVL apart in the esports supplements industry? It works fast (in 15 minutes!) and delivers increased energy[1] safely, without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure. The unique complex of bonded arginine silicate and inositol in nooLVL also supports enhanced cognitive function and increased blood flow[2].

nooLVL had an extremely successful year in 2020 and even won Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year at the 2020 virtual NutraIngredients-USA Awards Ceremony. Keep reading for more of nooLVL’s achievements throughout 2020 — from noteworthy news and press coverage to esteemed product reviews.


nooLVL in the News and Press

Supplements that can be taken in various forms and support energy levels, cognitive function, and focus have been rising in popularity among esports athletes.

To provide insight into the gaming industry and explain why authenticity is key to earning the respect of gamers, Nutrition21, LLC teamed up with NutraIngredients USA to present an exclusive esports webinar. The panel of experts included Daniel Lourenco (CEO and Founder of GHOST®), Richard Kreider, Ph.D. (Professor, Executive Director of the Human Clinical Research Facility, and Director of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab at Texas A&M University), and Sara Perez Ojalvo (Director of Research & Development for Nutrition21), among others. In addition to sharing industry knowledge, the webinar discussed the science behind Nutrition21’s patented gaming product, nooLVL.

Due to its effectiveness as an ingredient in esports supplements, nooLVL was highlighted in two reports by Nutritional Outlook: one referencing its clinical study and the other highlighting its ability to boost brain health.

Recognizing this potential, numerous brands have worked the patented ingredient into select formulas.

nooLVL made its official gaming debut with AdvancedGG — the first brand in the esports industry to use the cognitive boosting nootropic. Drawn to its myriad of unique capabilities, which are backed by clinical study results, AdvancedGG chose to include nooLVL in its Focus product formulas. 

XP Sports also launched four new supplements in fall 2020, with nooLVL highlighted as one of the main ingredients in three of the four products. The three products — Boost Energy Drink, Boost ready-to-mix powder, and Zero-Lag capsules — all deliver 1.6 grams of nooLVL’s energy-enhancing benefits in two distinct, easy-to-take forms.

In response to the explosive growth of the esports industry during the pandemic, GHOST® launched their highly anticipated GHOST® Gamer product with nooLVL for improved cognitive performance. GHOST® Gamer ultimately took the lead in the gaming supplements realm and became Fitness Informant’s 2020 Product of the Year

Neurofactor chose nooLVL for its Quality Nootropic Energy shot due to its various key mechanisms. Rule One Proteins also took note and created its Player1 product with nooLVL.


The Rise of esports and nooLVL

Esports has become one of the most profitable industries in America with over $1 billion in annual revenue. As gamers and esports athletes spend more time playing, the demand to up their performance also increases. This has led to a large boom in the market for gaming supplements. To keep up with this explosive industry growth*, companies have turned to clinical studies on powerful ingredients like nooLVL in order to create products that meet the dynamic needs of gamers.

A 2019 study published in Nutrients and summarized by Nutraceuticals World further showed how oral supplements containing nooLVL, can improve accuracy, decision making, and reaction times. GHOST® CEO and Founder Dan Lourenco also sat down with the host of PricePlow Podcast, Ben Kane, to further explain how ingredients like nooLVL are taking gaming supplements to new heights.

Ultimately, nooLVL’s complete ingredient profile, ability to elevate brain power, and reliable testing on gamers were all key factors* when GHOST® Gamer and AdvancedGG’s Focus 2.0 chose to include the patented ingredient in their innovative formulas. Outbreak Nutrition F.P.S. also offers a mood, focus and energy boosting formula that recently replaced citrulline malate for nooLVL* in its ingredient list.


The Ever-Evolving Gaming Supplement Market

When the pandemic hit, video gaming also surged. As the trend sustained popularity through much of the year, traditional sports supplement brands began rethinking their strategies and positioning their products toward the booming esports industry. NutraIngredients emphasized how ingredients, delivery, and authenticity are needed for brands to successfully pivot within the supplement market and highlighted a handful of exemplary brands and ingredient suppliers, including nooLVL and Nutrition21.

As gaming continued picking up steam, so did the use of nootropic supplements. The nootropic supplement market is now predicted to increase to $4.94 billion by 2025. This demand has, in turn, led to a battle between pharmaceutical and natural nootropics. In one article, Natural Products Insider examined the difference between the two and how nooLVL’s clinical study sets it apart as an approved dietary supplement ingredient.

Brand Marketing Strategies for nooLVL

When it comes to marketing a gaming supplement and making it stand out among the competition, brands have taken several different approaches.

For example, AdvancedGG’s strategy noted nooLVL as a main ingredient in their Focus supplements — placing it front and center on the product labels — and incorporated popular esports athletes to successfully market the product collection.

To promote the new GHOST® Gamer product, Dan Lourenco sat down with NutraIngredients-USA and talked about the product launch. For added credibility, he also touched on the brand’s new partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev to explain how GHOST®’s product development expertise will pair well with AB InBev’s distribution strength to bring new ready-to-drink products to the market.


Product Reviews

Based on its capabilities for vasodilation (increased blood flow), energy1 levels, mood, and cognition improvement, nooLVL has earned a top spot in the world of gaming supplement ingredients. Below are reviews from respected gaming sites that highlight how nooLVL factors into various pre-workout, post-workout, and esports supplement formulas.

GHOST® Gamer

GHOST® Gamer offered an exciting new way for esports athletes to increase energy levels and improve cognitive function at the same time. With their unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and eight main ingredients, including nooLVL, the GHOST® Gamer drink mix gives players a one-up on the competition. Fitness Informant reviewed the supplement and gave it an 8.9 rating based on its effectiveness, flavors, mixability, value, and ingredient profile, which features nooLVL.

Stacked3D deemed GHOST® Gamer a reliable, smooth, and longer-lasting energy drink that can be used for many purposes — whether it’s a morning commute or a gaming session — thanks to its potent formula, which includes nooLVL.


XP Sports

XP Sports debuted three eye-catching products in summer 2020. Two of the three products — XP Sports Boost and Zero Lag — are both formulated with nooLVL for enhanced levels of energy, alertness, and focus.

Stacked3D reviewed XP Sports Boost Energy Drink for efficacy and taste, noting its flavorful, zero-calorie nature and potent, energy-boosting ingredients like nooLVL. They also broke down its new formula, which contains less caffeine than Boost powder, is free of sugar, carbohydrates and calories, and still features all of its original ingredients except for Neurofactor.

Fitness Informant also reviewed XP Sports’ Boost RTD as one of the better RTDs on the market in terms of its clinical dose of nooLVL, ingredient profile, cost, and unique benefits for eye health.

In a separate review, they noted Boost’s taste, mixability, and effectiveness as well as its four separate ingredient blends, including Performance Amplifier, which features nooLVL.

Fitness Informant also took a closer look at the effectiveness and value of XP Sports Zero-Lag, which features nooLVL, Serinaid®, a complex Adaptogen Plus Blend, and more.


AdvancedGG Focus

PricePlow’s own Dan Kane reviewed AdvancedGG’s Focus supplements and discussed the benefits of ingredients, such as nooLVL, which are found in its complex formula.


In Conclusion

Whether it was noted as a main ingredient in popular gaming supplements or referenced independently for its impressive clinical study, it was an exciting year for nooLVL and we look forward to seeing what is next for this powerful, patented nootropic ingredient.





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1Perceived energy measured by the validated Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire

2Compared to baseline