Nutrition 21 is a leader in the nutritional supplement industry

The Nutrition 21 team is experienced and committed to advancing high-quality science with ground-breaking technology in order to develop functional ingredients that support the health and quality of life of people everywhere. With many years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience, we have the scientific platform and processes in place to create unique, patentable products. We are suppliers of efficacious, clinically substantiated ingredients for use in dietary supplements, foods, beverages and medical foods.

Rigorous preclinical and clinical trials are a key part of Nutrition 21’s product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. This attention to detail has resulted in endorsements from healthcare professionals and has led to the adoption of our products as standard nutritional support by many members of the medical community. We have high standards for our products and goals, developing NDIs (New Dietary Ingredients) and conducting human clinical studies, resulting in DSHEA “non-rejected” claims.

Nutrition 21 provides our customers with the ingredients for success.



The Nutrition 21 management team is comprised of industry experts in nutrition & dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, finance, science & regulatory, sales and marketing. Their collective expertise positions the organization for continued success in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace.


Board of Directors

Nutrition 21’s Board of Directors brings an additional level of expertise and strategic oversight to the organization.



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